Ein OYESS Natural Lipbalm Stick zusammen mit Aloevera Blättern und dem Schriftzug Green Day. Every Day.

Discounts, discounts, discounts – not with us!

For us it's Green day, Every day.

It’s that time again: for days now everything has been about Black Friday and Black Week. One discount follows the next and we are encouraged to buy as much as possible as quickly as possible. How do we see Black Friday? As a black day indeed. For sustainability.

Consumption also works differently
We don't want to paint things in black, on the contrary: we want our planet, our nature and our lives to remain colorful. Because the fact is: we live in a throwaway society. And Black Friday promotes overconsumption immensely. We are not interested in proselytizing with a raised index finger or even banning anything. Our aim is to return to conscious shopping - not in one day or for a week, but every day. That's exactly what we stand for at OYESS and that's why we say: Discount battle? - Not with us!

Turn black into green: Green Week
As a green movement for Black Week, Green Week has been around for several years, combining cheap offers with sustainable consumption, oh yes! We recommend that you remain conscious and careful here too and ask yourself before each purchase whether it is something you really need. Sometimes it doesn't have to be new: for example, you can shop second-hand, borrow something or exchange something.

Greenwashing during Green Week? – An absolute no-go! Keep an eye out and find out whether the brands taking part in Green Week continue to act sustainably and responsibly beyond the week.

Our Credo: Green day, every day
To be honest: There is no need for a Black or a Green Week. Conscious consumption is something for every day and does not necessarily have to be expensive. We at OYESS have decided to bring sustainable products into the world at permanently affordable prices. We have the vision that as many people as possible can treat themselves to our Green Beauty Buddies in their everyday lives. Conversely, of course, this means that we consciously forego maximizing our margin. The discount is basically included with every purchase – always. This way you save permanently and not just for one day or one week a year. By the way, that's one of the reasons why we do it German Sustainability Prize 2022 have won.

So join us in saying OH YES to more conscious shopping in your everyday life and do something good for yourself and the environment!