Our motivation?

Quite simple: We believe that every product we develop today has an impact on tomorrow.

We are Nadja, Anna and Frank. Three founders, one vision – the vision that more is possible. We have come together to use our know-how for something that concerns us all: our future and that of our children.

Open a new door

Life happens. And not always in a straight line and according to plan, but sometimes with a big bang - a bang that comes unexpectedly, maybe knocks you down for a short time and throws your life into chaos. Then suddenly no stone is left unturned and you reach a point where you ask yourself: What now? And that's exactly how it all started...

For years, the three of us worked successfully in various companies in the international beauty industry. Fate brought us together at our last shared employer. In the middle of the pandemic in the summer of 2020 there was a redundancy - BANG! So there we stood and asked ourselves how we wanted to continue living our lives. And we didn't have the answer to that question right away.

Anna, Nadja & Frank - das OYESS Team | Anna, Nadja & Frank - the OYESS team

As a new mother, Nadja received this bad news out of nowhere. “I was currently on parental leave and felt confident that I couldn’t be fired.” recalls Nadja. Well, as life goes, things turned out differently. 

As a mother of two, a commuter and a passionate salesperson, Anna was no different. What now? After all these years in the fast-paced, loud and externally controlled corporate world, Frank longed for a break. He sold his car to free himself from his own possessions and made a pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela.

In plain English: We had no ready-made plan, no next step. And at the same time we felt the urge to give the next step a deeper meaning. The three of us were united by a deep desire to work freely and independently and to create something that we believe in and that makes a real difference. We gathered all our courage and opened a new door. We just started because we knew: If we don't try this now, we'll spend our whole lives wondering what would have happened if... and so we said clearly and clearly YES - to a new personal adventure and our own brand should have a lasting effect. A YES to OYESS!

We go all in and say OH YES!

And that is exactly what is important to us. We stand for life lived and would like to encourage you all to live your dreams and take responsibility - for yourself, for everyone to come and for our planet. Let us face fear and at the same time face it courageously. We want to bring products into the world that are good for you and our environment. We say YES to enjoyment without compromise and without a guilty conscience. We bring together naturalness, unique product quality, style and trend with maximum sustainability and represent a new era of conscious consumption. It doesn't take either/or, but rather the willingness to want to do something different and better. 

We and you are OYESS, an inspiring and sustainable platform for everyone who says YES without compromise.

Join us!

Discover our products

  • Lip balm

    Say yes to soft lips. And care that protects our environment.
    Our formula for wonderfully soft lips - made from rich organic shea butter, organic jojoba oil and selected organic waxes.

    Your lips will be OH YES! call, promise.

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  • Augenmasken

    Was bitte sind denn Augenränder?
    Das wirst du dich fragen, wenn du unsere Augenmasken probiert hast, denn sie helfen deinen müden Augen wieder munter zu werden.

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  • Happy Hands Creme

    We have a knack for creams! With our unique OYESS Happiness formula, we are on a clear mission: to make you and your hands happy!

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  • Feel Good Body Lotion

    With our unique OYESSHappiness technology, our body lotions enliven your senses and bring a pinch of happiness into your everyday life.

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  • Sets

    Our product bundle recommendations for you - perfect for giving as a gift or for pampering yourself.

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Several sticks of OYESS lip balm on a yellow coloured surface.
Happy Hands Creme
Ein Foto von zwei Tuben Bodylotion, die auf einem Nachttisch stehen.
Verschiedene Oyess Produkte liegen auf einer farbigen Fläche.

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