Your packaging consists of 76% recycled plastic. Why not 100%?

Currently 76% is the maximum on the market - because according to hygiene regulations, the part of the packaging that comes into direct contact with the formula must be made of new plastic. Be sure: As soon as the laws change here, we will be the first to use even more recycled material.

What does 100% recyclable mean? How can I recycle my lip balm?
  • The formula goes on your lips (we hope so!) - or in the organic waste
  • The pen belongs in the recycling bin or the yellow bag
  • You throw the outer paper packaging into the waste paper
Why do you emphasize that you are cruelty-free? Isn’t that banned in the EU anyway?

Animal testing on finished products has been banned in the EU since 2013, that's true. For us, that didn't go far enough: We are proud that our products have been approved as cruelty-free and bear the Leaping Bunny logo. Leaping Bunny is a global program that demands cruelty-free standards beyond legal requirements. You can find out more about this at

Are your products vegan?

No, because our ORGANIC lip balm sticks contain beeswax, they are not vegan.

Where do you actually produce?

We produce your lip care locally here in beautiful Germany 😉

What does the Ecocert seal mean?

The EcoCert Cosmos Organic seal is a European seal that confirms the high quality of our organic ingredients. Ecocert also advocates for resource conservation and reasonable working conditions.

Why is your lip care good for my lips?

All of our formulas contain only the highest quality ingredients: ORGANIC shea butter, ORGANIC waxes and ORGANIC jojoba oil give the delicate skin of your lips exactly the care they need.

How do I know if I am allergic to any of the ingredients in your products?

Allergies can occur more often with natural ingredients, but you often don't know beforehand whether you are allergic to a certain substance or not. In order not to take any risks, we recommend that you first apply new cosmetics to a small area of ​​your skin (e.g. the inside of your wrist) before applying it to your face. To generally find out what you are allergic to, you should have an allergy test with your doctor.

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